Friday, April 25, 2008

White/Yellow/Orange/Red/Black Out

What is the deal with all the 'Outs' these days, especially in the pros? I can't remember what was the first one I saw though I think it was the Miami Heat White Out in the 2006 NBA Finals. Shortly thereafter Penn State used a series of White Outs in games against Ohio State and I'm pretty sure Notre Dame (though I think they do it for every single home game now).

Last year, UGA used a Black Out in a game against Auburn and also wore black unis for the first time. Last basketball season, Louisville used a White Out against UConn and even coach Rick Pitino got in on the act.

None of those are particularly annoying or egregious by themsevles, but as the collective whole is growing, it's starting to change. Just in the past week the Philadelphia Flyers had an Orange Out for their Game 6 (loss) against the Washinton Capitals. The Caps then returned the favor by hosting a Red Out for their Game 7 (loss). The Cleveland Cavaliers then hosted the Washington Wizards in Game 1 of their first round series and held a Yellow Out, as barely seen behind the Wizards in this photo, which makes it even stranger since the Wiz wore gold. Not to be outdone, upon returning home for Game 3 last night, the Wizards held a White Out of their own. Also last night, the Utah Jazz had a White Out in a Game 3 loss against the Rockets and the Toronto Raports held a Red Out in their Game 3 win over the Magic.

'Outs' are now reaching the status of rushing the floor/field after a win in basketball or football and other stupid trends like tights or tube socks in the NBA. That is trends that are completely pointless but for some reason have lasted far longer than they ever should have. 'Outs' have completely jumped the shark, so can we please stop having them?

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