Friday, April 4, 2008

Very Very Interesting

Is it just me or have the ESPN talking heads' reaction to the Matt Leinart party last weekend been surprisingly uninterested? Tony Kornheiser, Mike Wilbon, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic have all expressed their confusion as to why anyone would make a big deal about a 24 year old guy having a party, drinking beer and enjoying a hot tub with some young ladies. Isn't it weird that ESPN people speaking on ESPN platforms would not be screaming about the moral outrage this episode contains? Aren't ESPN's front men usually the ones driving a story where there isn't really one to be had in the first place? Why are they dismissing this as unimportant? Is it because another source 'broke' the story and photos?

I can't say I think it's a very big deal since guys of similar age, even without being millionaires, probably do this exact same thing every weekend. Was it dumb to get 'caught,' I guess so. He probably should know better with this being the YouTube and cell phone camera age. But on the other hand, who really cares what he was doing his own house?

This seems like the kind of non-story that ESPN usually blows completely out of the water and talks about for weeks on end. Any chance this is being avoided because Leinart did the ESPN the Magazine cover and guest editor thing last year? Or maybe it'll just end up being a story that they talk about not being a story so much that it essentially becomes a bigger one anyway.

Note: This just popped up, a picture for which I have no defense.


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