Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jordan's Reach

Think, for a moment, about the good (perhaps great) teams who would've likely won NBA titles had Michael Jordan not been born.

  • Phoenix Suns with Barkley/KJ/Thunder Dan
  • New York Knicks with Ewing/Starks
  • Seattle Sonics with Kemp/Payton/Schrempf
  • Utah Jazz with Mailman/Stockton/Horny

Pretty incredible. These teams were stacked with talent.

(That's all. Just a random thought.)


Anonymous said...

You could probably give Georgetown a second national title while you're at it. Not to mention the Drexler/Porter/Kersey/Cliff Robinson Blazers who actually had the best record in the league when the Bulls won their second title in '92.

Anonymous said...

what about the old magic old worthy byron scott and vlade lakers of 91