Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lee's List: 5 Reasons the Lakers Will NOT Win the NBA Title

5. Shaq will relish the opportunity to prevent Kobe Bryant from winning his "own" title.

4. Amare Stoudemire is a stud, and the combination of him/Nash/Shaq is enough to contend against any team--East or West.

3. The Spurs are like the Patriots (before 18-1); they have a solid regular season, then they quietly show their gravitas when the postseason rolls around. Hence, 3 NBA titles in 5 years--and 2 near misses.

2. The Pistons could easily come out of the East... and they've beaten the Lakers in the Finals before--when the Lakers had Kobe... and Shaq.

1. The Pistons probably won't come out of the East (despite my own predictions). The Celtics, who are stacked, likely will. People are ready to hand LA the title... while overlooking the team with the (clear cut) best record in the Association.

(Interesting thought: Would Kevin McHale be happy to see KG win a title for his former team? Quite the mix of connections.)

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