Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buzz Bissinger is an Asshole

There isn't enough room for me to write everything I think about this subject and this moron, Bissinger, so let me just ask this question. How can Bissinger rant and rave about the dumbing down of society in regards to comments on Deadspin posts and use that as an indictment on the entire blogging/new media universe and not think about what happened at the Chicago Sun Times? Jay Mariotti's columns were opened up to comment earlier this year. Instead of commenting on his articles most of the comments were about how Mariotti is himself an asshole, among many other things. Mariotti got pissed about it and demanded the feature be taken down (and it was). Afterwards, the Trib openend up a page on its website specifically so that people who wanted to comment about what a dick Mariotti is could do so without fear of being shut down. Does Bissinger have a problem with the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune? I doubt it, because they're estabished media and above all this blog riff raff. But it's the exact same thing Bissinger thinks is the scourge of the earth. What an incompetent idiot.

ps - Just a suggestion Buzz, just because it's HBO doesn't mean you have to use every curse word out there. Makes your arguments about the vile nature of blogs seem quite hypocritical.

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