Sunday, April 6, 2008

Items flying under the radar...

...Or at least not being paid attention to by me:

  • With ManU being held on smogside, Chelsea, lead by a man variously likened to a dinosaur, Baron von Greenback, and a reanimated corpse, are truly back in the race for the Premiership. The title race has shifted relatively quietly from an Arsenal/ManU affair to a run in between the the winners of the last three seasons, with an April 26th fixture between the two looming. Note the use of authentic European words such as smogside, fixture, and the upcoming table.
  • At the other end of the table (boom!), Newcastle seem to have accomplished what Bolton could not, that is to say shake off the Fat Sam Effect and move comfortably clear of the relegation zone. A poor stretch by Reading over the coming weeks could see them joining Fulham and Derby in the Championship next season, thus completing the purge of American influence (on the field at least) from the PL. I've actually been paying very close attention to the Newcastle situation, but I wanted to mention it anyways.
  • Grant Hill has never won a playoff series??! Is it on him if the Suns don't make it out of the first round this year?
  • The Memphis Tigers are quite the basketball team.
  • I'm still surprised no one ever mentions the NFL welfare system for team with morons in the front office.
  • It wasn't until today that it really sunk in that TBS now broadcasts regular season baseball games that aren't the Braves. My feelings on this development can be found here.

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David said...

Nice blog - I really appreciate the attention paid to 'football'. As far as the Premiership goes, I think it's really a two pony race - Cheslki and United. As they say in Manchester, up your Arse-nal!