Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's All Over

Exactly two months after our first NBA playoff post, the NBA Finals are finished. The Celtics destroyed the Lakers in Boston last night, 131-92. There has never been a championship-deciding game that ended in such a lopsided way in the history of the league. And Boston scored 42 points in the fourth quarter. Forty-two points!

In a conference call last night, the writers of this blog discussed what was happening in the series and the fact that we were drawn away from both teams toward apathy, rather than the usual routine of finding something likable about at least one team and creating a rooting interest, if one did not already exist. This was a very difficult series to watch, we agreed, not least because of the ridiculous late start times for the games in Boston. Huge blowouts and major disasters are not exactly great theater, unless you were a Celtics fan. Mercifully there was no attempt by the referees (read, league) to rig the game so that it could reach some sort of climactic Game 7 in Boston. It's possible they let the game go last night so that there could be no conspiracy theorists claiming a sham (but since that's been brought up, isn't that a bit of a conspiracy theory itself?).

Either way, the first NBA season in more than ten years to be really watched and enjoyed by this blog, is done. It remains to be seen if this year was an aberration or if we will be legitimately interested when next season starts. Of course, that will be in four months, so I guess we'd better get ready.

In the mean time, we're thrilled that Euro 2008 is televised and since the late-night basketball is now over, we can direct our full attention to the much more entertaining tournament in Switzerland and Austria...

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