Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quad/Hamstring/Calf - Why so Weak?

This is just a short aside amidst the barrage of NBA Finals and Euro 2008 posts...

What is it with baseball players getting hurt when running out groundballs? I understand freak things happen sometimes, but this happens all the time in baseball. The latest victim was Albert Pujols who pulled up lame on a trot down to first while trying to beat out a ground ball. A-Poo made it exactly three steps before grabbing his lower leg and falling down. Three whole steps!

Reminds me of a few years back when the Indians mistakenly (it had to have been a mistake, right?) signed Juan Gonzalez. First at bat of the season for Juan Gone, he hits a soft grounder, runs toward first base and crashes in a heap. I don't remember exactly what the injury was, but it was catastrophic and the Tribe's investment was lost. And all he did was run to first base.

Granted, these guys don't pretend to be the greatest of athletes. But come on, do you think even a fat NBA player like Kevin Duckworth or Tractor Traylor would have pulled his hamstring just running down court?

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