Thursday, June 12, 2008

____gate, the Controversy of the Year!!!

Is it just me, or does every little issue these days get blown up into thisgate or thatgate? Just today, Mike Wilbon refers to the issue described here as Refgate. This is not an attack on Wilbon, but rather just to point out how easily the mainstream media, especially sports media, latch on to stupid cliches. Last year's Patriots' controversy - Spygate. The ridiculous saga at the new Yankee Stadium where a David Ortiz uni was dug up - Jerseygate. (For a good list of 'gates' including those not associated with sports, go here).

This reminds me of last year when the Roger Clemens, Brian McNamee issues first came out and the only thing you'd hear on ESPN was how it was a 'he said, he said' situation. That is so lame and it was so overused it made me mute the tv anytime something about Clemens came up.

Cliches can sometimes be hard to avoid, and I can't blame people for using catchy or timely phrasing to capture an audience. But please, enough with the gates. It's not like that even makes sense. Watergate was (and is) a hotel in Washington, DC. Gate is not some sort of description or qualifier.

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