Wednesday, July 16, 2008

UVA Retro Day

Finally, a Retro Day I can really get into. I'm a big fan of teams wearing the authentic looking throwbacks, particularly colleges. When Georgia Tech wore those white ones and Calvin Johnson singlehandedly crushed Virginia on national tv a few years back, I was impressed. And not just with Johnson. Those unis were great and not too far off from what the originals looked like.

Now there is word that Virginia will be having a Retro Day where the decade of 1984-1993 will be celebrated with $16 tickets, the honoring of the 1989 ACC Championship team and the wearing of throwback unis and helmets. As far as I know a photo has not turned up for the look when Virginia hosts Richmond for that game, but I'm hoping, nay praying, that they look something like this, this, this or all of these.

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Prizz said...

I also would not be opposed to UVA hanging 70 on the spiders.