Tuesday, July 1, 2008

USA Basketball

USA Basketball, in conjunction with Nike of course, released their new uniforms yesterday in New York. All things considered, they aren't that bad. But they do look a lot like these uniforms

I like the idea that most of the guys are wearing the same shoes, though it come as no surprise to see that LeBron, Carmello Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul are not. Those four each have shoes that have been customized just for the Olympics with either their Olympic numbers (different from their NBA ones) or an American flag on the tongue.

There still seems to be something a little off with the unis though. They could be so simple but instead just look kind of weird. The star inside the 'A' looks ridiculous and the shorts side piping angling back like that looks pretty cheesy too. Worst of all is the star on the shorts and socks (and on LeBron's headband). It's using an ABA basketball to start and looks like the ornamentation that might go on a little boy's birthday card. The unitard look is bad too, looks like of like this.

The teams looked so much better in more traditional uniforms. Even the 2004 uniforms were better than these, and I wasn't that into those either. It is good though, they appear to have moved permanently away from using a USA Basketball logo directly on the unis. That was awful.

Lastly, is this where the photo was taken? Why does it look like they're all about to bow after a particularly bad showing? And what's with Jason Kidd's face, while we're at it?

For a super-zoomed view, click here.

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