Friday, July 11, 2008

The Cycle

No, I'm not talking about singling, doubling, tripling and homering in a single game.

I'm talking about the worst thing in the world. The ESPN cycle. This is where ESPN decides what they want to hang their hat on for a particular day (or days) and then use every available outlet to cover the story. The most recent example is of course the Elton Brand free agency.

Here's at least part of what Elton got to deal with on July 9 and 10:

Interview on Mike and Mike (tv/radio)
Interview on PTI (tv)
Interview on Sports Center (tv)
Interview with Mike Dunleavy on 710 ESPN (radio)
Interview with David Falk on 710 ESPN (radio)
Talked about on First Take (tv)
Talked about on Tirico and Van Pelt (radio)
Talked about on The Herd (radio)
Talked about on BS Report (internet)
Talked about on Sports Center (tv) lead story (internet)
Two J.A. Adande feature stores (internet)

I understand there is news out there to be covered, but good grief, it's not like Elton had all that much to say. From all I saw/heard/read, he said the same damn thing in every single interview and quote. Does the interviewer make much of a difference then? It ends up being overkill and overwhelming which only hurts ESPN. If you're showing another interview with the same person with just a different host, I'm going to turn the channel. And I'm sure there are many others out there who feel the same way.

It's a lot like when ESPN tried to convince us that ESPN mobile was a great idea. The commercials were on all the time, it was plugged in every Sports Center and in as many ballgames as possible. But just because they tell us it's a big deal doesn't mean it is. Elton Brand signing with the Sixers is definitely news, but not because ESPN says so.

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