Thursday, July 3, 2008

Favre - Enough Already

It's not like we didn't see this coming. It's just amazing that Brett Favre can recapture the sports (and otherwise) news cycle with the briefest of comments on his intentions. I don't really want to know what itch Brett has, but I kind of like the idea given by Erik Kuselias (even though I usually find him to be a moron) on Mike and Mike yesterday wondering how annoying Favre must be at home be for his family to be pushing him back to football.

But really, come on Brett, we don't need this faux-drama again this offseason. I just don't want to be hearing news about the NFL at this point in the year. And I definitely don't want you to become another Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice or any other player who came back for just a little too long. Last year was the swan song. I understand in previous years you didn't want to leave with the Packers being so awful. But last year you were great, the team was great and an even better story. Yeah, you lost the NFC Championship game. So what? Everyone will remember how great the 2008 season was. But if you come back, people will remember you when the team isn't as good. How can it be as good as last year? It was a complete surprise, which won't happen again. Guys played out of their minds last year, which won't happen again this year. The other teams in the division weren't all that great, which won't happen again this year.

You retired at the right time. Your number is going to be hanging with Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, and Reggie White. Leave it at that. Stop holding the mainstream media hostage with your on-again-off-again statements.

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