Sunday, May 4, 2008

NBA Playoffs 2k8 - Yawn

Regional interests aside, the NBA playoffs have been awfully boring so far. The sole exception was the Hawks pushing the Celtics to a seventh game, but sadly that dream was debowed pretty much immediately in that game. But the other series left a lot to be desired. Sure, if you're in New Orleans or LA or Cleveland you can be excited about the playoffs, but on a national stage, is anything interesting happening? The Sixers briefly gave us all hope that the boring-ass Pistons might not make it to yet another Eastern Conference Final (or further) but alas they collapsed under the weight of a simply better team. Even the idea that the Hornets could 'upset' the Spurs isn't that interesting as they're the higher seeded team and they so completely dominated game one.

With the San Antonio-Phoenix and New Orleans-Dallas series being so one-sided, the playoffs have simply lacked that feeling that the games even matter until the conference finals. The 'right' teams are advancing for the league (meaning LA and Boston, of course) so they're probably not worried, but it just isn't doing much for me. I was legitimately excited about these playoffs, figuring they could be some of the most intense and combative in recent years. They certainly still can be, but to hold my interest through this month and into the next, things had better pick up. Because even if it's an LA-Boston final, if I haven't been able to keep interested in it, I don't know how much I'll watch...

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