Thursday, May 29, 2008

America the Overbearing

So I just spent a week-and-a-half in Germany visiting areas of Franconia in northern Bavaria. Pretty hard to argue with the omnipresent bratwurst and the litany of beers to taste. It was asparagus season so the Spargel was available on every menu in soup, as a salad or whole. But one of the best parts of being out of the country for more than a day or two was the total lack of American sports coverage. Sure, I could check the internet for the scores of the NBA playoff games, but as far as newspapers (which I couldn't read anyway) and television (which I also couldn't understand) were concerned, it was refreshing to not have to read stories about this or that athelete's legal troubles, rumors about the NBA draft or articles about which pitchers are statically the best hitters.

It made me wish that each sports writer out there could get a week off every month to just get away from the daily grind that is the sports beat. The types of articles, interviews and opinion out there on a daily basis are so over the top when stepped away from them for even a short time. Do we really care who Joey Dorsey thinks will be the top pick in the draft? Does there need to be two full days worth of discussion about one end-of-game no-call?

This blog hopefully brings a bit of humor and pure opinion to a usually overthought, overreacting and double-speaking industry. If it ever turns into anything resembling Jay Mariotti, or even Mike and Mike, let us know and we will immediately shut this down...

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